Start a fundraiser

Are you keen to support our campaign to establish the Being Peace practice centre? As an individual or a group, it’s simple to create your own fundraiser, to share with your family, friends, colleagues and your practice community.

1. Pick an activity

How would you like to raise money for the Being Peace Centre? Perhaps you’d like to take part in a sporting event, take on a challenge, celebrate your birthday, organise a bake-off or benefit event, or use your creative skills to make art!

2. Start the fundraiser

Write down why having a Plum Village centre for peace in the UK matters to you! Filling in a goal, message and photo will make your fundraiser feel relevant to friends, family and community.

3. Spread the word

Share your fundraiser with all your family and friends, and spread the news everywhere!

Sr. Tam Muoi on Togetherness

It’s very easy to get started!

Just click on “Start a Fundraiser” and we will take you through the steps in less than a minute! Once you are set up, you will be able to:

  • Share your personal link

    You will receive a personal link to share with your friends, family and community.

  • Track your progress

    See who donated to your fundraiser, and where they donated from.

  • Add people to your fundraising team

    Raise funds by yourself or together with your Sangha friends! You can add more members to your fundraiser in the online portal.

  • Print a QR code

    Do you want to take donations during an event? You can print a QR code from the donor portal that allows people to donate directly through their phone.

Community fundraisers

We are grateful to all community fundraisers so far.



Raised £1,246

+ £206.25 Gift Aid

Wake Up London Runs for Peace

Last year, 11 Wake Up Londoners ran the Battersea Park 10K Run to raise funds for the Being Peace centre.

“We feel so lucky to have found a practice and a community which has helped us through challenging times in our lives, given us deep insight into ourselves and others, an understanding of what really nourishes and us and provided so many happy moments together of joy and wellbeing!”



Raised £1,515

+ £306.25 Gift Aid

Walking for Jamie

Jan Hempsall walked 820km (509 miles) on the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain, following the Camino del Norte, starting in Irun, in memory of her husband Jamie.

“Plum Village has been such an integral part of my healing process and I would like to give something back.”



Raised £560

+ £127.50 Gift Aid

Bristol Sangha Garden Party Fundraiser

The Bristol White Clouds Sangha held an all-day brunch event to raise funds for the Being Peace centre.

“The day was a success, partly due to a joint effort amongst a core group of truly lovely sangha members and to whom I am very grateful – you know who you are ?, but also because it was bedded in community, my family, friends, neighbours and the wider Sangha.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I add more members to my fundraiser?

    You can invite members to your fundraiser in your donor portal. To open the donor portal, click ‘Open my fundraiser’ in the confirmation email you have received after setting up your fundraiser.

    In your donor portal, click on the fundraiser you have created. You will find an invite link that you can share with your Sangha friends under the ‘Team Performance’ section at the bottom of the page. Sharing this link with them will allow them to join your team.

  • How can I access my fundraiser/donor portal?

    You can access your fundraiser through your donor portal. To enter your donor portal, please click on the ‘Open my fundraiser’ button in the confirmation email that was sent to you after creating your fundraiser.

    Can’t find your confirmation email? You can also log in to your donor portal by visiting

  • What is the donor portal for?

    The donor portal is your personal online page where you can access the fundraisers you have started, as well as your own donations to the Being Peace centre.

    In the donor portal you can:

    • View recent donations to your fundraiser
    • See how far away you are from your goal
    • See where in the world people are donating from to your fundraiser
    • Find your shareable link to your fundraiser
    • Download a QR code that you can print. Also see: What is a QR code for?
    • Invite other members to your team by sending them an invite link

    You can access your donor portal through the confirmation email you have received after starting your fundraiser, or by visiting

  • What is a QR code for?

    A QR code is a small square image that can be printed so you can take donations easily during in-person events. When you open up the camera app on your phone and scan the code, it will automatically direct the person scanning it to your personal fundraiser checkout.

    All donations made through the QR code will be automatically added to your fundraiser.

    Also see: Where can I find my QR code?

    Try it, by scanning this test QR code!
  • Where can I find my QR code?

    You can download your personal QR code in your donor portal, in the ‘Share your fundraiser‘ section. Click on the button ‘GET QR CODE’ right of your fundraiser link. Once downloaded, you can print it to take donations in person.

If your question is not listed, please contact us here.